Deposits, Payments, Order Changes & Cancellations 

Payment in full is due by the due date on your invoice. If you fail to pay by that date your order will be cancelled. (We will send one warning email first)

Changes to your order can be made up to two weeks before the date the order is for, before payment has been received.

If you need to cancel your order:

If you cancel your order with two weeks or more notice, you will be given a credit for the amount of your order.

You will not be refunded if you provide less than two weeks notice of cancellation.


Once an order leaves the shop, it is deemed “accepted” and Milk & Cookies Bakeshop is no longer responsible for it. We do our best to package your orders and secure decorations in a way that makes them easy to transport safely.

It is important that you pick up your order on the date agreed upon as we have limited space in our kitchen for storage. If you are late or forget to pick up your order you may be charged a late fee.

Tastings & Consultations

Tastings/consultations are available only for weddings at this time. They are $40 and this includes up to three cake (or other treat) flavors for you and a guest to try. These usually last 30-60 minutes in which time we will discuss the details of what you’re looking for in terms of design, budget, etc. The $40 is put towards your order should you choose to book.


Q: How much notice do you need for a custom order?

A: A general rule of thumb is two to three weeks, however, certain times of the year (summer, holidays) are busier than others. For larger events such as weddings, 3-6 months notice. We are seldom able to accommodate last minute orders as we are a very small bakery.

Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: We do not currently offer delivery for any orders with the exception of wedding orders. If you need your order delivered we suggest using a courier service to pick up your order and bring it to you.

Q: Do you ship your cookies?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: How many different sugar cookies designs can I have in my order?

A: Up to 3 different designs per dozen, within the same color scheme. If you’d like more than 3 different designs or many different colors, there may be an extra charge.

Q: How will my cookies/treats be packaged?

A: We try to keep our plastic use to a minimum at Milk & Cookies, so your cookies or other treats will be packaged in a cardboard bakery box, with layers of parchment or wax paper between them if necessary. We offer individual packaging of treats for an extra charge. Please inquire through the contact form or email.

Q: How big are your sugar cookies? Do you offer other sizes?

A: Our sugar cookies range from 3.5″-4.5″ at their largest point. We do not offer other sizes, with the exception of our add-on mini option, where you can add mini sugar cookies in simple designs to a regular sugar cookie order.

Q: Can you change the colors of my treats to match my decor/theme/other desserts?

A: Yes! Many of my treats can be custom colored, including sugar cookies, macarons, meringues, and cupcakes.

Q: Do you require a deposit/how do I pay my invoice?

A: We require payment in full for most orders. If your invoice has not been paid, your order is not confirmed. You will be sent an invoice with payment instructions once details of your order have been decided, which can be paid by e-transfer or credit card. We do not accept payments for orders in store.

Q: Is there any way I can taste your baking before placing an order?

A: We have a storefront that you can visit us at to taste our baking! We are open Tuesday-Friday 11-6, and Saturdays 11-4.

*Please note that we do not have everything on our website menu in store, only select items, check our What’s in Store page for details*

Q: Should my treats be stored in the fridge?

A: It depends. Cakes, macarons, cookie sandwiches, and cupcakes should be stored in the fridge in an airtight container.You can take these out of the fridge a few hours before you plan to eat them, to soften the icing. Anything else should be stored at room temperature, ideally in an airtight container to maintain freshness.

Q: Can I freeze my treats?

A: Yes, any of our treats can be frozen. With our sugar cookies, sometimes condensation will cause flaws in your icing such as white spots or bleeding colors, especially with darker colored cookies.

Q: Is your baking allergy-friendly?

A: No. We bake with nuts, wheat, eggs, and dairy. While we do offer products without certain allergens in them, we cannot guarantee that they have not come in contact with other allergens. Anybody with an allergy should consume anything from our bakery with caution.

Q: Should I come in to the store to place my order?

A: No, please don’t! While we would love to see your lovely face in store, we do not take orders in store. We do all of our orders by email only as this way it is much easier for us to keep track of them, and all of the details are in one place. Please do not try to place your order in store, through Instagram, or through Facebook.