Every batch of our sugar cookies is baked fresh with real vanilla bean seeds

Dairy free and Vegan versions are available

Sugar cookie prices are based on the complexity of the design. Please use the following chart as a reference. Please note that I do not do licensed characters or logos on cookies (i.e. Disney, Shopkins, Marvel, sports teams, etc.)

Design Not Packaged Individually Packaged
Marble Dipped (up to 3 colors on any geometric shape -stars, hearts, squares, etc.)

Ex: Galaxy cookies shown above

$24/dozen $30/dozen
Simple (solid color background, sprinkles if you want them, no other decoration)



 Detailed (A few details but not super elaborate)

Ex.elephant baby shower cookies shown above



Elaborate (may include anything with complex details, lots of different colors, etc.)

Ex. Logo cookies shown above



You may also add miniature accent cookies to any sugar cookie order for $9/dozen, as shown in the 4th picture above

For large orders (8 dozen or more) all containing the same design, I offer a discount of 10%

Send me an email through the contact page with your design ideas and I can let you know which category your cookies will fall under, or let me know your colors, theme, and budget and I can help you out with some design ideas!